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Catering tailored to your business

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order now for your next company meeting

How does it works ?

Localimus working

Once for all

Whether it's for your employees' lunches or your company meetings.
We set up a complete digital corporate restaurant just for you.
Making things quick and easy

That's the Localimus magic

Every day anew

Everyone chooses from a wide selection of dishes online.

Everything is delivered to your door.

Everyone enjoys a delicious lunch.

What others say about us :


We are delighted with our collaboration with Localimus! Being able to choose between the various available caterers, paying with ease, and being able to count on a professional, helpful and smiling team, are the strengths that I would like to highlight.




Localimus is a real time saver in terms of order management and especially payments, everything is so easy! [...] it is a real comfort, we are very satisfied with the service!


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[...] it is so convenient to be able to order in a few clicks! Regarding the payments, each person manages his account autonomously [...]





Want a fast, easy, top-quality and cost-effective way for your employees to enjoy their lunch on site? While boosting worker satisfaction at the same time?

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Looking for new opportunities to grow your business, save precious time and offer even better Customer service?

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Catering preparation

ORDER NOW from local sandwich bars, bakeries, caterers and special suppliers...

Point of localisation

Delivery or pick up? The choise is yours

Business Lunch

What is Localimus ?

Localimus is your digital company restaurant. Offering a fully-fledged catering service for your office, factory, workshop, Warehouse,you name it! Simply and cost-effectively for your staff's own lunch, your business lunches and in-company lunch meetings..
Localimus makes it easy for you to treat all your employees to their favorite lunch, every day.

Who's it for?

It doesn't matter whether your company has 100 or over 1000 empoyees. As your company's e-restaurant, anyone within your company can have their own lunch or that of their colleagues, visitors or customers delivered right to your door, all courtesy of Localimus. Fast simple and cost-effective.

What's on the menu?

Put together your very own, fully customised menu according to your needs ans tastes.
Salads and sandwiches, hot dishes, organic food, sushi. In other words, whatever you feel like!
Pick and choose as much as you like from our incredibly wide range. Up to ans including extras for special occasions (like food truck for example). Anything and everything is possible.

How does it work?

Localimus makes it easy and efficient to set up your own digital company restaurant.

Our team will help find the ideal sollution to match your needs ans those of your staff.

We approach a wide range of local suppliers who fit your company like bread and butter.

Then all your employees have to do is check the menu, discover the daily specials and order what they feel like that day.

Each employee can save their individual préférences on the Localimus platform, including their favourite dishes, notifications and payment methods.

Our online platform makes the whole process incredibly easy for everyone thanks to multiple features and a user-friendly interface, all backed up by Professional partners offering fantastic quality.

Localimus will change your view regarding a company restaurant.

What are the benefits?

Simple, practical, satisfying. Our solution gives a massive boost to: your company's image, your workers' satisfaction and productivity and the local economy.

Our goal is your employees' well-being

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