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General conditions of use

By using services of website Localimus, you are agree with the following conditions. Before become member of Localimus, you have to read and accept all the terms and conditions figuring in these General Conditions of Use. If you don't accept our Conditions of use, you can't use the site or services and have to leave Localimus.
Moreover, these general conditions are considered suppletive of any other convition signed with the contributor.


Description of the site

The website Localimus is a virtual marketplace for the reservation of food. It was developed to facilitate the exchange of informations and products among consumers, local producers and shopowner specialized in food (bakeries, sandwich, snacks, groceries, fish, cheese factories, creameries)...).

The site is only a support online and content only to connect buyers wishng to reserve food and contributors. Localimus doesn't involved at any point in the transation between the contributor and the buyer. Localimus can't be considered as part of the order contract between the buyer and the contributor.

Register conditions

Register as a member is completely free for the buyer. The site has a public space and a private space for members. Public space give access to order offer from contributors registered on the site. Private space is accessible after authentification. It give access to the modification of personal information, publication offers, booking orders, adding comments and manage booking deals.

Member status

Member status gove access, through a password, to the private space. This private space bound to an user name and a pasword to be indentified on the site. The member agrees to keep confidential the password selected for the use of his private space. Priva space and password are personal and may not be shared, disclosed or transferred to any other person or entity. The user is solely responsible for any cosnequences or obligations arising from the use of the password and account, by a thid party member. The member agree and accept that the site can consider using his member account or password as evidence of use of the site by this member. Any use of the service by means of these elements specific to the member is deemed to be made by the member.

Any modifications of informations given at register by a member must be notified to Localimus within 8 days of their occurrence.

Registration includes an obligation to provide an email address that will be used as a means of communication between the member and the site and will act as a unique identifier of the member account. All email sent by the site to a member shakk be deemed to have been received by the member who is deemed to have fully read. In addition, in order to exploit the geolocation tool on the most effective way site possible, a physical address is required by Localimus during registration to the private area and putting online Seller by the contributor, that the member agrees.

Localimus reserves the right to suspend or terminate unilaterally and without prior notice on behalf of a member for all reasons listed below :

  • violation of any disposition of the conditions of use or other conditions or régulations of Localimus ;
  • authentification of verification impossible of the origin of a selling offer ;
  • distribution of non-compliant offers the investment criteria of and offer ;
  • false personal data ;
  • distribution of illegal content (notably pornography, libel, infringement of the right to the image, discrimination, incitement to violence or racial, religious or ethnic) ;
  • violating decency ;
  • use, copying or distribution of works protected by copyright without permission ;
  • abuse or fraudulent use of collaboration tools (spam of comments, spam of clicks etc).
  • The closure of an account can't give rise to any compensation whatever damge caused by the closure of the account. A member account is personal and not transferable. Temporary or permanent suspension of a member account prevents use of service Localimus.

rates and payment

The access, the registration and use of the site as a buyer is free. Access and registration to the site as a contributor are under a different contract. (Contact us). These terms and conditions are considered supplemental to any other agreement signed with the contributor. Localimus may at any time change its policy on rates and payments. These changes will take effect as soon as they go online and apply to all transactions after that put online. In the case of temporary change, the period of the latter will be clearly indicated on the site.

Liability of Localimus

a. Role of Localimus

Localimus is not a sales company. Indeed, Localimus only hosts the content of affers or infomation posted by contributors (texts, pictures, prices, products, ect.). The site is only an electronic platform providing its users to put in contact contributors and buyers. Localimus doesn't exercises any control on the quality, safety or legality of the products listed, the thruth or accuracy of the information posted online, the ability of owners to sell such products or the ability of buyers to buy or pay products. Localimus can't ensure that the buyer actually enter the transaction.

b. Transaction reliability and safety of the members

Localimus can't confirm the identity of each member.

c. Liability release

Since Localimus doesn't involved in transactions between buyers and contributors, members emerge authors Localimus from any liability in case of dispute between several members, claim, or damage present or future, alleged or not found, arising directly or indirectly from the use of service Localimus.

d. Limitation of liability

The site provide informations, recommendations, comments that may be inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, offensive, harmful or misleading : Localimus declines all responsibility for the contents of which he can't verify the accuracy, authenticity or completeness. The responsability of the site is in n way engaged about the real or supposed qualities of products by its members.

If you use the site, you agree that Localimus is not resposible for the acts or omissions of users and members and accept the risks referred to in these Conditions of use and this section.

Localimus makes no guarantee concerning the operation or the hardware and software used either on the hosted ites, servers or Internet access and is not responsible of the expected damge or not, real or not resulting frome the use of the site. Localimus or its directors, officers employees, owners, agents, représentatives are not liable for any direct, incidental, indirect, material or immaterial, due to the use of the site, even if such party has been adviced of the possibility of such damages. Localimus doesn't approves or validates the transactions on the site and the members and users are solely reponsible for the legality of their actions.

Localimus makes no représentation or warranty, express or implied, regarding the site, the sells offers, présentations or content, includinf the warranty of merchantability, non-infringement of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, freedom form all services, works or other content materials, against viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code to hostile traits, disruptive or destructive.
Without prejudice of provovisions of the preceding paragraph, Localimus can't be held responsible for any loss or corruption of data, for any loss of profit, revenue, time, opportunity or other consequential damages that such loss or damage results from negligence or any other cause.

At all event and whatever the circumstances, the responsibility of Localimus and its suppliers, or contributor to all user or any other third party is limited to the total amount of subscription fee you would have paid in the 12 months preceding liability action.

Taxes and regulations

Excluding Localimus which is not a party to product sales, users, members, contributors and buyers are solely liable for all taxes resulting from the use of our services and our website. Localimus therefore disclaims any liability for taxes on transactions made on or through this site.

Whether you are a legal entity (company) or physical (individual), or you are a contributor or a buyer, VAT may be applicable to your transactions according to their frequency. Other taxes, such as the business tax or payroll taxes will then also apply. Site members expressly acknowledge and agree that the VAT and other taxes and charges may apply to their situation in accordance with the applicable legislation in force.

The member agrees to inform useful from a third pary on the tax aspects of the transactions in question, so as to comply with the legislation. The contributors also agrees to comply with the legislation specific to the production of the products they sell, including legislation on the protection of the environment, labor rights and food chain security.

Obligations of contributors

a. Products quality

Contributors agree to sell only fresh products, healthy and fit for consumption.

b. Sell offer

The contributors agree to be as specific as possible in describing of product offers. Contributors must describe the type of products and the sale price. They can complete their offer by another relevant information on its quality, packaging and use.

c. Price of products

The price paid by the buyer will be the price listed on the order. If the contributor changes his prices, these changes can't be applied to current orders..

d. Payment of prodructs

Payment of products will be at time of receipt of the order. The transaction includes only the buyer and the contributor. Localimus doesn't involved in any way in this transaction. This is under the sole responsibility and the contributor.

Buyers obligations

Buyers are required to seek or receive on the date and time specified in the order any order sent to the contributor. Unless obtain written confirmation by email of the contributor of any change of date, time, place, amount or cancellation of the order, sent an order implies receiving obligation. In the absence of the buyer at the reception and in the absence of any written confirmation from contributor few changes whatsoever, the buyer is obliged to honor the order and costs shown in the said order. A fine of 10% of the total value of the offending order may be requeted by the contributor.


Without limiting other remedies, Localimus may suspend or terminate an user account if it is (following a conviction, transaction, or police investigation, an insurance company or a third of receivership in particular) that a member has engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the site.

Geolocation and privacy

The address of the buyers will never be publicly available and will be broadcast by the buyer himself during a product ordreing process if it wishes to have it delivered.

Using external applications

Using the Google Maps application is subject to the implicit acceptance of the use of Google Maps : (http://maps.google.fr/help/terms_maps.html) Information on the maps obtained via Google are provided for guidance only.

Intellectual property

Localimus can read the contents of all the Seller or comments published on the site. However, Localimus will withdraw as soon as possible a content protected by copyright as soon as the beneficiary has reported on it as well as any content that doesn't comply with the Conditions of use. The Localimus brand is the exclusive property of the company that operates the Platform. All graphics, layouts, presentation, logos Localimus are specific to the author of the property. Any reproduction without written consent is prohibited Localimus

Use of personal data

By using the services of Localimus, you are brought to transmit us or transmit us or transmit to other users information about service Localimus, including registration, sales offers, comments, messages or any other information that you put online on the website. You are solely responsible for the information, Localimus playing only a role of passive intermediary for them online.

To enable Localimus to use this informations to you personal, you expressly grant us, through the use of service Localimus, a non-exclusive license, unlimited duration or territory, irrevocable, free and transferable to third parties, to exercise the copyright, the trademark rights, rights of the disclsure and rights related to databases you have regarding this information for operation in any media or future so that we can offer our services. You also waive any moral rights you have with respect to your personal infomation you have provided to us, and to the extent permitted by law.

To allow interaction between all members, our system allows limited access to the contact information of other users. By accepting these Condtions of use, you agree to not use the personal information of other users provided to you via the site or via a communication or transaction only :

1. make a communication for the conclusion of a transaction that doesn't involve unsolicited commercial message but relates only to an existing transaction ;

2. The services offered by third parties via Localimus (escrow, insurance, mail and claims for fraud) ;

3. any other use that user expressly permitted after true and fair explanation of its purpose

We also use your information only in accordance with all laws and all regulations, including the law on respect for privacy. You can always ask to be removed from our database and view the information we hold about you on request by registered mail to our head office.

Moreover, we are specifically authorized to disclose personal information in order to be able to respond to legal requirements, enforce our rules, responding to a claim based on the fact that such offers or other content violates the rights of third parties or guarantee the rights, property or safety of others.

Localimus et les autres utilisateurs n'autorisent pas les spams ou autres messages commerciaux non sollicités. C'est pourquoi, nonobstant ce qui précède, vous ne pourrez pas ajouter à vos listes de mailing (e-mail ou courrier ordinaire) un membre ou un utilisateur sans leur consentement exprès préalable et écrit et sans notification claire, même si ce collaborateur ou cet utilisateur vous a acheté un produit. Vous pouvez signaler les spams via le système de support.

Relations entre les parties

Les auteurs de Localimus et les utilisateurs ou membres sont des parties indépendantes, chacune agissant en son nom et pour son propre compte. Les présentes Conditions d'utilisation ne créent donc aucun lien de subordination, d'agence, de mandat, société en participation, entreprise commune, de relations employeur/employé ou franchiseur entre les auteurs de Localimus d'une part et l'utilisateur ou le membre d'autre part.

Droits applicables et juridictions compétentes

Les présentes Conditions d'utilisation sont régies et interprétées conformément au droit belge. Tout litige relatif à la validité, l'interprétation ou l'exécution des présentes Conditions d'utilisation sera soumis au tribunal de commerce de Mons.

Au cas où un ou plusieurs articles figurant dans les Conditions d'utilisation seraient considérés comme illégaux, inopposables ou inapplicables par une décision de justice, les autres articles desdites Conditions d'utilisation resteraient en vigueur. Stipulations diverses Localimus contient des liens vers d'autres sites et n'est pas responsable des politiques de confidentialité ni des pratiques en la matière des autres sites.

Lorsque le membre ou l'utilisateur du site clique sur un lien renvoyant à un autre site, le membre ou l'utilisateur est tenu de lire la politique de confidentialité dudit site.

Localimus n'est pas responsable des interactions entre membres. Les membres du site peuvent être des particuliers ou des professionnels.

Les titres des différents articles des présentes Conditions d'utilisation sont purement indicatifs sans déterminer nécessairement leur contenu. Vous acceptez que les droits et obligations issus des présentes Conditions d'utilisation ainsi que de tous les documents qui y sont incorporés par référence pourront librement et de plein droit être cédés par Localimus à un tiers en cas de fusion, d'acquisition ou autre événement. En tout état de cause, en utilisant le site, vous vous engagez à respecter toutes les lois nationales, européennes et internationales en vigueur relatives à l'utilisation de nos services et à vos activités sur le site. En outre, vous reconnaissez expressément et acceptez que l'utilisation de nos services par vos soins puisse entraîner une qualification de commerçant au sens de la loi. Si vous êtes commerçant, vous êtes soumis à certaines obligations spécifiques, telles que l'inscription au registre du commerce, la tenue d'une comptabilité conformément aux règles applicables, le paiement de la TVA et des autres taxes et impôts applicables ainsi qu'aux dispositions de la loi en cas d'insolvabilité. Par ailleurs, en qualité de commerçant, ou plus généralement si vous utilisez le site en qualité de vendeur professionnel, vous devez respecter la réglementation relative à la facturation ainsi que de manière générale l'ensemble des règles du droit de la consommation.

Aucune dérogation à ces Conditions d'utilisation n'est autorisée, sauf par écrit et moyennant la signature d'un nouveau contrat par vous et par Localimus. Toute notification qui vous est destinée sera envoyée par e-mail à l'adresse que vous avez communiquée à Localimus lors de votre inscription. Les notifications sont réputées vous être parvenues 24 heures après l'envoi de l'e-mail, sauf si nous recevons un avis selon lequel l'adresse e-mail n'est pas correcte. Modifications des Conditions d'utilisation Localimus peut à tout moment décider de modifier les présentes Conditions d'utilisation. Ces modifications prennent court dès le changement des conditions d'utilisation. Localimus est cependant tenu d'avertir chaque utilisateur par courriel de telles modifications avant qu'elles n'aient lieu.

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