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Corporate catering services

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order now for a team meeting

How it works ?

Localimus working

Once for all

For coworkers or your meetings.
We set up your digital corporate restaurant.
Fast and effortless

It's the magic part of Localimus


Each one chooses his/her favourite lunch online.

Your food is delivered.

Everyone eats.

What they think about us :


We are delighted with our collaboration with Localimus! Being able to choose between the various available caterers, paying with ease, and being able to count on a professional, helpful and smiling team, are the strengths that I would like to highlight.




Localimus is a real time saver in terms of order management and especially payments, everything is so easy! [...] it is a real comfort, we are very satisfied with the service!


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[...] it is so convenient to be able to order in a few clicks! Regarding the payments, each person manages his account autonomously [...]





You need a business lunch ? You want to save time and money by offering a quality catering service to your coworkers ?

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Develop your sales, save time, coddle your clients...

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What is Localimus ?

Localimus is your digital company restaurant that generalises business catering service for your personnel.
We are offering an exciting lunch delivery program at the office to meet the choices and expectations of each collaborator.

For who ?

Whether you are a 20-person company or a 1000-person one, Localimus is your digital company restaurant for a lunch break or your meetings.

What is on the menu of your company E-restaurant ?

The menu will be personalized according to your expectations.
Salads and sandwiches everyday, hot dishes, organic dishes, sushis last Friday of the month or food truck
Everything is almost possible thanks to our application and a high value-added close collaboration with local restaurants (sandwich bars, caterers and other local restaurants)

How does it work ?

A quick talk with our professional staff and we will find the perfect choice for your company and your employees.

We set up everything for your team. Few exhanges and everything is ready. You can order and enjoy your lunch.

We will contact caterers who can meet your needs at best.

Localimus will allow you to set up a digital company restaurant. Your collaborators just have to check the menu, discover the daily suggestions and order.

The experience is personalized for each colleague : his/her favourite lunches, his/her notification preferences and his/her payment method.

Thanks to our solutions and apps, we simplify the life of collaborators with multiple userfriendly features and delicious partnerships.

Localimus will disrupt the way you see company restaurant.

Advantages of a digital company restaurant ?

Better corporate image, collaborators well-being and promote local economy.

Localimus's goal: satisfy your employees in order to give them comfort and strength.

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