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Un sandwich aux bon moment idéal
Super delicieux 
Service souriant 

Super Bon sandwichs, toujours frais 

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  • 5/5 score reviewsscore reviewsscore reviewsscore reviewsscore reviews - 04/03/2019


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Thon Mayo

2.50 €

The opinions


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Benoît V - 24/01/2020

NOTE: 5/5

Christine V - 30/09/2019

NOTE: 4/5

Yani M - 22/03/2019

NOTE: 4/5

Yani M - 15/03/2019

NOTE: 4/5

Claudia D - 04/03/2019


NOTE: 5/5

Anne V - 02/01/2019

NOTE: 5/5

LUCA U - 14/09/2018

NOTE: 4/5

LUCA U - 07/09/2018

NOTE: 4/5

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