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About us

Localimus offers a practical, flexible and innovative catering solution for companies: lunches for your employees, professional events, corporate lunches, on-site catering services or intelligent fridges.

Our mission?

By offering companies the possibility to have a digital and/or hybrid company restaurant, we make life at the office easier.
Previously, companies wishing to offer a catering solution to their staff had two choices:
- the classic company restaurant: requires space and a large recurring annual budget
- group deliveries organized between colleagues: involves lots of coordination efforts
Localimus was born from this observation.

Eating well at work is possible!

The best of local food on a silver platter

  • A wide range of local lunches and caterers

  • An all-in-one solution in terms of implementation and management

  • 24/7 Customer support

  • Our service is 5 times cheaper than a traditional company restaurant and more environmentally responsible

  • Catering service for your professional events and intelligent fridges

Our commitment

Supporting the local economy

We work exclusively with local catering partners in order to support them in this period of health crisis.

Geographical proximity and freshness of products guaranteed!
Opting for Localimus means participating in the economic development of your region, while enjoying your meal.

Supporting the local economy
Reducing the ecological impact 2

Reducing the ecological impact

The Localimus digital catering service helps reduce food waste

Meals are cooked to order and portions are carefully adapted to promote environmentally responsible consumption.


Handling everything for you

Localimus manages all technical aspects related to catering, offering centralized order management.

We take care of everything: payment and invoice management, catering and menu organization, technical support and after sales service.

Handling everything for you
Localimus Clients Localimus Clients Localimus Clients Localimus Clients Localimus Clients Localimus Clients

Our customers say it best


  • Testimonial by Mrs. Reinitz

    HR Project manager at FCC

  • Testimonial from Mrs. Notaro

    HR consultant at Infrabel

  • Testimonial from M. Ikharrazzen

    Purchasing manager at CPP. Corp.

  • Testimonial from Mrs. Grandjean

    Facility manager at Inasep

Phone: +32 (0)2/888.71.73

Rue Verhulst, 64
Brussels 1180

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