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The tasty alternative to the company canteen

Meal vouchers, company canteen or individual meal delivery?
Look no further.
Benefit from a digital catering solution that adapts to the rhythm of your teams and professional events.


  • On-site cooking

    On-site cooking

    1 day or all week long,
    your caterer cooks on site

  • Delivery


    A variety of lunches delivered
    with ease

  • Intelligent fridges

    Intelligent fridges

    All your snacks available
    24/7 with the intelligent fridge

Choose. Receive. Enjoy!
Our goal

To simplify and energize your company's lunch hour, we offer you THE complete and flexible workplace dining solution.
Each employee's food is prepared on site or delivered directly to the office at the agreed upon time.
Save time, promote team cohesion and enjoy yourself.


The corporate lunch break made easy

No need for catering management staff anymore: ordering, paying, centralizing deliveries and transactions, managing suppliers, we take care of everything. Our e-Restaurant allows each employee to choose their meal independently.
Pre-ordering, weekly planning or catering services for your corporate events, lighten the organizational load and offer the best to all employees.

The corporate lunch break made easy
Varied and fresh menus every day, to boost the well-being of the teams 2

Varied and fresh menus every day, to boost the well-being of the teams

A good lunch available at the office, nothing like it to put a smile on your face and motivate your employees who can fully enjoy their breaks and recharge their batteries.
Enjoy a vast choice of lunches: our menus are personalized according to your expectations, your tastes and your dietary restrictions.
Save time and reduce stress: forget about traveling and waiting in line to pick up your lunch.


THE all-in-one solution up to 5x cheaper than a traditional canteen

We take care of everything: from order management to customer service.
You benefit from a flexible and innovative physical and digital catering service, while saving energy, money and time.
The working environment has never been so enjoyable, both for managers and teams.

THE all-in-one solution up to 5x cheaper than a traditional canteen

Benefit from a simple and complete catering service for your company

Enjoy your benefits:

  • A wide range of dishes and catering options

  • An all-in-one solution in terms of implementation and management

  • Customer support for your employees

  • Our service is 5 times cheaper than a traditional company restaurant and more environmentally responsible


An environmentally responsible company dining solution

Localimus is also the environmentally responsible alternative

Every day, we work towards local, varied and sustainable corporate catering.
Production, transportation, processing, waste, packaging... food is 1⁄4 of global CO2 emissions.
So thanks to a local and optimized approach, Localimus offers an alternative that is 2.5 times more efficient than the classic canteen.*
A restaurant with less waste, less trash,... this is what Localimus offers.
And this is without taking into account our offsetting of CO2 emissions from deliveries.
Every step we take towards a more sustainable catering counts.

*Study - CO2 Impact Localimus vs traditional company restaurant - W Agency 12/2021

About us

Localimus offers a practical, flexible and innovative catering solution for companies: lunches for your employees, professional events, corporate lunches, on-site catering services or intelligent fridges.

Our mission?

By offering companies the possibility to have a digital and/or hybrid company restaurant, we make life at the office easier.
Previously, companies wishing to offer a catering solution to their staff had two choices:
- the classic company restaurant: requires space and a large recurring annual budget
- group deliveries organized between colleagues: involves lots of coordination efforts
Localimus was born from this observation.

Organize your corporate events with ease

Are you planning an internal event? An afterwork? A meal between employees?

Localimus and its caterers offer you a gourmet tasting solution adapted to your needs and requirements.
Ensure the success of your professional events with ease thanks to our customized offer.

Localimus Clients Localimus Clients Localimus Clients Localimus Clients Localimus Clients Localimus Clients

They tried it, they're telling you EVERYTHING


  • Testimonial by Mrs. Reinitz

    HR Project manager at FCC

  • Testimonial from Mrs. Notaro

    HR consultant at Infrabel

  • Testimonial from M. Ikharrazzen

    Purchasing manager at CPP. Corp.

  • Testimonial from Mrs. Grandjean

    Facility manager at Inasep

Reviews and testimonials

  • Rebecca L. - Facility Coordinator


    star star star star star

    We are delighted with our collaboration with Localimus! Being able to choose between the various available caterers, paying with ease, and being able to count on a professional, helpful and smiling team, are the strengths that I would like to highlight.

  • Marie D. - Réception

    Chaussures Maniet

    star star star star star

    Localimus is a real time saver in terms of order management and especially payments, everything is so easy! [...] it is a real comfort, we are very satisfied with the service!

  • Véronique D.G. - Admin


    star star star star star

    [...] it is so convenient to be able to order in a few clicks! Regarding the payments, each person manages his account autonomously [...]

  • Dov

    La Vérité Si Je Mange

    star star star star star

    My big volume of orders has become so much easier and faster to manage thanks to Localimus! [...] Of course, in addition to the time saving, Localimus has allowed me to increase my turnover! I am delighted with our collaboration

  • Darinka

    Pause K'Fe

    star star star star star

    If everyone could order via the smartphone app, it would be very good [...] Localimus is for me a big help in my organization and in the management of the orders. Thanks to Localimus, I can also gradually develop business deliveries at my own pace.

  • Lulzim X


    star star star star star

    I am very satisfied with the Localimus service. They are always available and responsive, both customer service and sales department, and our turnover is growing each month on a regular basis !

  • Opinion of an employee from Bru Textiles

    Bru Textiles

    star star star star star

    Easy and fast! Localimus has changed my daily life, no more fax to send every morning!

Nonbinding trial

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